Videos of Practice

Show Me Boards

Show Me Boards are a great way to involve all students in class discussions. In this video you can see how Show Me Boards can be used in a Math lesson. 

Ms Melissa Miles

Using SeeSaw for Reading Assessment

Using the iPad application SeeSaw, students can practice and improve their reading. Teachers can track individual student progress, outside of regular classroom learning time.

Miss Samantha O'Brien

Fragile Earth, Popplet & Critical Thinking

This video demonstrates how to use the apps Fragile Earth and Popplet to analyse how our earth is changing and evaluate the effect of human impact on our fragile environment.

Mrs Christine Kodomichalos

The Mathematics Talk Show Oral Language Strategy

The Mathematics Talk Show is a fun and engaging oral language language strategy for Mathematics. It requires a minimum of two students (Interviewer & Subject) who work out a mathematical problem and answer a series of question. The Mathematics Talk Show allows students to develop their oral language skills by getting them to think out loud about problem solving and discuss their thinking with their peers in a fun and social way.                                                                            Miss Tiffany Perry 

Number Races

This counting mental starter is able to give teachers an idea on their students ability to write and order numbers.  All students are working all the time, no matter what their ability.  Can be adapted to suit any stage.

Mrs Ashleigh Cluss

Student Self Assessment Strategies

Self assessment allows students to evaluate their progress on a task or concept without having to relying on teacher judgment. Self assessment and reflection strategies in the classroom create responsible learners who are in control of their learning. Through the use of the ‘Three Thumbs’, the ‘Four Levels Posters’ and the ‘What Stuck With You Poster’ students are able to show their level of understanding and reflect on their learning.

                                          Miss Tiffany Perry

Math Plenaries

Mathematic plenaries assist children in consolidating their mathematical thinking and help them to connect their learning. This video by Melissa Miles in Stage 3 highlights three effective plenaries that can be easily adapted to use in any grade.

Ms Melissa Miles

Marqueed to Develop Visual Literacy

During this lesson Marqueed is used as a platform for students to interpret, analyse and evaluate visual material in a collaborative forum. In this lesson Marqueed is used to teach students how to thinking critically about the intended purpose of images in advertising. 

Mrs Christine Kodomichalos

Science Simulation Apps

The simulation apps Tinkerbox and and Go Car Go provide students with opportunities to explore concepts of physics and solve complex problems involving force, gravity and momentum.


Mrs Christine Kodomichalos