This week I had my third RISE meeting with my partner Marisa and this was a really rewarding experience. We spent the start of the session reflecting on our previous goals and discussed how we felt we had achieved them. I now feel my Guided Reading sessions are more targeted to student needs and my time management has improved through the suggested strategies that have been implemented.

For today's RISE session I have changed the focus to Mathematics. This time I recorded myself teaching a warm up on problem solving. The goal was to reflect on how well I challenged students critical thinking and assisted them in enhancing their problem solving skills.  To start each Maths sessions students are given an open ended problem. When reflecting on the session I observed many students were limited in their responses and a lot seemed satisfied with providing only one or two answers to the task. 

After gaining feedback from my R.I.S.E partner I will now implement the ‘fishbowl strategy’ to allow students to see how others have solved the problem. This will provide students with more opportunity to see how they can solve open ended tasks and learn that there can be lots of different answers to the same problem. I will also spend more time on the reflection part of the session as this is where the real teaching occurs. This will also allow me to highlight and remind students of the  variety of ways to solve open tasks. 

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