R.I.S.E Term 2 2019

This week I had my second RISE meeting with my partner Sally Louka and this was a really rewarding experience. We spent approximately 20mins reflecting on our Term 1 goals and discussed how we felt we had achieved them.

As a result of my first goal we have implemented student experts to lead each group. These students are selected by the teacher at the start of reading rotations and all students in the group must see the expert before asking the teacher questions. We also implemented several new question strategies, one for example the teacher will ask the whole group a question while student's sit on their hands, all student's have thinking time and when all the student's have an answer to the question the teacher will select one student at random. This new strategy has increased the student's concentration as they don’t know who will be asked to share their answers.

Moving into the future I have decided to still keep my goal around questioning, however, move the focus to Mathematics. I will be aiming to establish routines that promote critical thinking and deepen the student's understanding.


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