R.i.s.e Term 2

After watching my video with my partner Marisa, we discussed the strengths of the Guided Reading session, as well as areas for future development. I used this session to reflect on last term’s goal to discover how I’d improved on my professional practice. 

Teaching kindergarten to read is so rewarding, but it definitely has its challenges! Before starting a new text with my group, we now begin with sight word flash cards, which enables students to remember the key sight words in the book. This worked really well, as it allowed students to get into the right mind frame for reading. I also implemented  ‘strategy bookmarks’ to help students identify various strategies that would assist with their reading.

Marisa and I discussed how I was rushed for time at the conclusion of the session. By adding on an extra 5 minutes to the session, it should allow for more specific and relevant feedback that is personalised for each student. My goal is to continue providing all students in the reading group with multiple opportunities to reflect on their reading in a safe and supporting learning environment. 


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