Today was my first experience participating in the R.I.S.E program with my partner Loredana. I found it beneficial to be able to critically reflect on my professional practice whilst watching myself teach. It provided an insight into my teaching strengths and highlighted areas that I could continue to refine.

The focus of my lesson was on teaching Guided Reading and how to provide timely and effective feedback to my students. Towards the end of session, I ran out of time and didn’t give all students equal amounts of feedback. As I listened to each child read, I informed them of their strengths and informed them on what to work on in future lessons.

Throughout the lesson, the noise level increased and this impacted on the student’s overall reading performance. I aim to implement effective teaching and behavioural strategies to reduce this occurrence in the future, allowing students to get to most out of their reading sessions. To improve my professional teaching practice at the start of each session, I will provide individual reading strategy bookmarks that students will use. This will allow students to identify what reading strategies they are using within the session and help them progress with their reading.

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